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A short guide to safe network marketing

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Once you become knowledgeable in the subject, the mystery of it all will disappear. The advice in this article will help you to achieve your goals in network marketing.

Optimize your network marketing efforts by becoming an active participant at popular public forums. These connections can lead to a strong network of marketing partners, and allow you to get free advice. Do a quick search online, and scroll through until you find a forum you like. To find useful tips, read a few posts each day and ask any questions you have.

You should allocate time for friends and family members because those relationships can help reduce the stress in your life. It is also important to maintain your connections with these important people. You may find that you must schedule more time for business initially. However, this time will pay off in profits and flexibility later on down the line.

In order to be as successful as you can be with network marketing, you have to be open to new ideas. Staying open-minded all the time will allow you to be in a better place to do better business.

Try using the products. You should know how these items are beneficial to customers before you attempt to sell them. If people know that you are a fan of the products yourself and you are giving genuine endorsements, they will come to you rather than you having to go to them. You will also gain intimate knowledge of the product by using it yourself.

Structure your network marketing site as a tutorial. By setting up this tutorial, you will not only push more traffic to your website, you will also extend the time users stay there. You’ll be able to raise your ad revenues, and you’ll also be able to recruit new people for your network. Your meeting should not last more than one hour. If you are talking with someone about network marketing and you exceed the hour mark, you are indicating to the prospect that this business is going to take a lot of time and energy.

The most important tip in network marketing is that you must always think of it as a job. You are setting yourself up for failure if you believe that working online for only a few hours each week is going to make you wealthy in a short amount of time. Network marketing requires very hard work and dedication. You have to make a promise to yourself that you’ll work extremely hard every day, and you’ll be well on your way to success with network marketing.

There are a lot of people who want to teach you what they know about network marketing; listen to what they have to say! The best method of doing this in today’s age is through podcasts. Listen to different ones to find the best one available.

These tips will help you to be more confident in meeting your network marketing goals. Just remember that network marketing is a subject that the more you learn about, the easier it is to understand what to do, and from there, success should follow.

Traffic for your mommy blog!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Mommy bloggers have proliferated in recent years to the point that standing out in the crowded space is a serious writing and marketing challenge. It takes more than just another review of convertible car seats to drive traffic to your mommy blog.

Here are five simple yet sophisticated tips for mommy bloggers or other parenting websites to generate traffic that sticks.

Interviews with Thought Leaders

A great way to generate good website traffic is to conduct interviews with experts in child-rearing topics. Nutritionists, pediatricians, child psychologists, early childhood development specialists, educators, and sports coaches are always interested in promoting their own programs through online interviews. You’d be surprised how many gurus you respect are happy to say yes to an interview request.

This is also an opportunity for natural linkbacks, since your guest will no doubt want to promote the interview on their own website. By reviewing new books and then adding in an interview, your blog also gets an inside scoop on the latest information in parenting.

Social Media Links

Search engines such as Google now incorporate social media mentions in their results. The more active you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, the greater the chances you’ll be picked up in the search algorithms. You don’t have to just post what you’re having for lunch. Social media, is, well, social. So re-tweeting, Liking, and Pinning from other participants will expand your reach and get you noticed.

Be sure to organize your social media feeds by topics or keywords. Although you may not follow everyone in a Twitter List, you’ll be able to see his or her tweets and respond to them accordingly, while building new followers in the process.

Guest Blogging

The occasional guest blog post will open up your own website to new readers. It’s easier than you think to get other blogs to allow you to post. Look at websites in closely related but not identical fields, as these carry more weight in page rank than URLs that are far afield from your topic area.

Engage Your Audience

Mommy blogs are most successful if they engage the audience. Many moms are looking for activities that engage their minds beyond which baby food to serve for dinner. Give them a challenge with a little incentive. Maybe spring for a gift card, or better yet, give them the chance to be featured in your blog.

Go a step further, and make the challenge something crowd-sourced, where the crowd picks the winner. You’ll keep readers coming back to vote and see the results. These types of programs also get more readers to provide contact information or to subscribe to your blog. And collecting contact information is key to sales.

Contests are a great way to keep readers coming back to your blog!

Integrity of Content

Last but not least, don’t succumb to the idea that SEO alone will drive traffic to your website. While, yes, keywords and linkbacks are important to getting a high page ranking, in the final analysis, the integrity of your content will be the determining factor in readers coming to your website continually for new information. Be sure information is current and fresh, and well written. A blog post riddled with keywords will make no sense, and readers will give up before moving through your site to revenue generating activities.

At the end of the day, just keep it real, and they will not just come, but also buy!