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A brief intro to JAVA

Friday, August 31st, 2018

History of JavaScript

JavaScript was developed by Netscape under the name “Live Script”. These scripts were used to enhance the web pages by providing some HTML level interaction for the user. Later, live script was used as a communication medium between HTML documents and Java applets. In December 1995, Netscape and Sun joined hands and renamed the language as JavaScript.

Using JavaScript in and HTML page

JavaScript’s are written as part of HTML documents. The Browser software interprets the JavaScript commands just as it does with HTML tags. Browsers must be equipped with JavaScript interpreters to take advantage of the scripts in web pages but don’t get confused cause now days almost every browser is equipped with JavaScript interpreters or any Java compatible browser will also be able to interpret JavaScript scripts. JavaScript can be used in following situations:

  • Designing web page to respond to user interaction with form elements.
  • Importing and exporting data from databases and providing friendly interface to data.
  • Processing the data on the client side before submitting it to the server.

Adding JavaScript to an HTML page or in header

JavaScript can be inserted into HTML pages between and tags or and tags. JavaScript begins with a tag followed by

Note the use of HTMl comment tags, .If the page containing the script is used in a browser that is not compatible with scripting languages. The script statements are not executed.

Using SRC attribute within

The SRC attribute allows us to load JavaScript from a separate file on the server. Eternal script files cannot contain HTML markup and must be saved as standard ASCII texts with .js extension. We can point to the script file using a relative URL such as

We can also use absolute URL path such as:

Tips to Choose a good Domain Name For your Blog

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

1.Buy a .com Extension

There are a lot of extensions available for domain names but .com is the best extension and the most memorable also. So it is important that you should give priority to a .com domain name. .Com domain name sounds good and professional. So you should try to stick with a .com extension but if you do not find .com extension then you must look for other popular extensions such as .net .org

2.Try to keep it short and easy to remember

Always look to get a good and short domain name for your blog which describes your blog well. You should always look to opt for a short domain for your blog but at the same time convey good idea to your blog readers about your website.. Shorter domain names are easy to remember.

3.Avoid any special Symbols

Never use any kind of special symbols in your domain name like (-) . These type of symbols should be avoided while selecting a domain name for your blog. These type of symbols makes your domain name ugly in look and also affects your blog seo. The idea behind not having symbols is to let your visitors remember your domain name easily and visit to your blog again.

4.Buy domain name which matches your blog niche

It’s always obvious that you should buy a domain name that matches the topic you are going to start a blog upon. Buying a domain name according to the niche of your blog helps your visitors identify that what your blog is all about without visiting. So choose your domain name and niche wisely.

5.Add Keywords in your Domain name

Adding keywords in your domain name will not only let your visitors identify your blog topic but it will also boost your search engine visibility.

6. Buy a unique domain name

Buying a domain name on which someone already own a popular site is like confusing your visitors and loosing your traffic. It is good to buy a domain name with keywords and which is unique and less used by people’s so that your visitors will not get confused and later on your domain can stand out of the crowd and speak itself.

7.Never Buy Adsense Banned Domain

Its obvious that you are buying a domain name then you will surely be looking to make some cash from your domain name. As you all know Google Adsense is by far the best way to earn money so you may not wanna buy a domain name which is banned from google Adsense so for that you can visit Adsense sandbox and check out if your domain name is banned from Adsense or not.